This morning I delivered my presentation to around 250 senior figures in South Australian local government. How did it go you ask? Bit hard to say from the stage actually; I was planning to circulate during morning tea and gauge the response, but instead I did quite a lengthy interview for ABC radio (which I will post here when they send me the file). By the time I was free I only caught up with 5 people. Based on those conversations though, it went very well indeed. I am anticipating several speaking invitations around the state that will help me reach my goal of speaking to 1,000 South Australian’s. A very exciting idea that was put to me a couple of days ago by my new friend Patrick Greene also gained serious currency . Sorry to be vague ; it just needs  little development before putting it out there. Apparently a lone protestor was distributing information to counter my presentation. I didn’t see him, but if anyone got it I would like to know what it said.

All said and done, it was a very successful morning, that followed up two spots on local and regional radio the day before. I applaud local government for once again doing what they do so well; identifying a policy and debate gap at the other levels of Australian Government and having the courage to take it on. Thanks to them for having me.

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