It seems that having the cojones to remain a proponent of nuclear power in the current climate makes me quite media-worthy. Here are three radio interviews I have done recently. The first was a promotional piece for my March presentation (pre-Fukushima…). If I had to guess I would say Carole is far from convinced, but it was certainly a fair interview and good to take some calls from listeners.

Interview with Caroline Whitelock

The second is about 15 minutes with Stan Thompson on ABC Radio South East. Stan seems fairly open to the idea of nuclear power. I am heading to the south east to visit some clients in a couple of months, and intend to arrange a few presentations while I am there. Hopefully Stan will have me back to talk about it.

Interview with Stan Thompson

The third will be posted shortly. It was conducted immediately following my presentation to the Local Government Conference for ABC Radio National. I’m not sure what of this actually went to air, but I will post the full interview.


  1. An apropos quote to Stan Thompson’s intro – “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” Attrib JM Keynes.

  2. Wow Stan really rolled up the soft questions didn’t he? Not suggesting that’s a bad thing.

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