If you are in Adelaide on the 20th June, please come along to this evening event, hosted by Australian Science Communicators, Dealing with Denialism. I’m tackling the section on climate change, and will be joined by Dr Ian Musgrave from the School of Pharmacology at Adelaide University, who will be sharing his expertise in vaccination and evolution. It’s from 6pm, and you can book a place here.

It should be a great night. Rather than presenting the scientific reasons against climate change denial and other forms of scientific denial, we will be trying to break down some of the non-scientific communication realities of denialism and pulling together our best strategies for actually dealing with it, drawing on specific examples from our key disciplines. There will be plenty of input and Q&A from the audience. It’s a bargain at $10 for non-members, and is being held at the very cool RiAus Building in the city. Come up and say hi if you are a Decarbonise SA reader.

Ah, the champagne comedy of climate change denial…


  1. Hope you can post your slides.

    Oooh, I see the wordpress template has had an upgrade. Now there’s my gravatar. Bite my shiny metal ….

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