A super-huge thank you to Decarbonise SA subscriber Andrew Starcevic for inviting me to his home in Prospect to speak with a group of close friends and family. What a great evening of discussion, with a diverse range of views in the room. While an audience of 9 is small in number, the session was high on quality and in many ways exemplifies what I want for Decarbonise SA.  While I have and will continue to knock on the doors of power brokers, in many ways I believe this change in our society must largely be driven from the ground up in our system. That makes evenings like this one all the more gratifying for me. I won’t lay claim to 9 new subscribers to my way of viewing the energy and climate change challenge, but I know everyone went away with something to think about.

Thank you Andrew and friends, it was a real pleasure. To all readers, I will welcome the opportunity to do this again.


  1. Ben, thanks for a great presentation. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, and the slight differences of opinion, everybody really seemed to enjoy themselves. That was largely due to the quality of your presentation and your skillful handling of the questions. Thanks again.

  2. These sorts of opportunities are truly the way to change people’s minds. have a conversation, take the time to follow up stuff, gently challenge positions with evidence.

    Not shouting over the internet.

  3. Hey Ben
    When my dad told me I had to listen to a presentation about nuclear power at our house I was less than enthusiastic (to be honest).
    I’ve never been anti-nuclear and was always some-what interested but not interested (or convinced) enough that I actually pictured myself championing nuclear power as a solution to climate-change.
    Your talk was informative and inspiring. I still wish that renewable energy in the form of wind and solar could work but as you said, it’s like comparing bicycles to trucks and we simply can’t wait the 20-30 years it could take to make renewables a serious option (if they ever even can be).
    The facts shocked me – I have since decided to do more reading and have become even more convinced that nuclear is the only viable and practical option if we are serious about climate change. I am now on a mission to become as informed as I can and change my friend’s minds. I think I can do it.

    Thanks for a great presentation, I really enjoyed it.

    P.s. get on twitter!

    1. Emma, thanks so much, that feedback has heartened me a great deal!!! Thanks also for your contributions last night. I hope you find this site a useful resource, and make sure you check the page “New to Nuclear Power?” for my other suggested resources. It’s far from exhaustive, but a good start. I think the “Why vs Why? Nuclear Power” book in particular is a good read, because you will have the chance to check the pro-nuclear ideas against those of Ian Lowe, a prominent nuclear opponent (in my case I found his arguments to be unsatisfactory). Please call on me if I can be of help.

      And I am about to get on Twitter… thanks for the (not so) gentle hints!!!

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