Relax everyone, denialism is dead.

Ok, no it isn’t, but hopefully it will have a more difficult road after a great session with Australian Science Communicators last night. Over 30 people attended, including SA Greens MLC Mark Parnell, incoming Greens Senator Penny Wright and one inebriated man who wandered in of his own accord and asked a very strange question. The panel discussion session was terrific, and I had a lot of great conversations afterward. It was particularly pleasing to hear that the Senator-elect had taken away some valuable ideas that will help her fight the good fight from Canberra. We were not talking matters nuclear last night but hopefully a few more South Australians will check out Decarbonise SA having seen me in this setting.

I should be able to post an audio of the session soon, and hopefullly a link to my slides.

A big thank you to Richard Musgrove, ASC and RiAus for having me, and thanks also to my panel partner for the evening, the terriffic Prof.  Ian Musgrave.

Update: Here are the slides! Plus a link to SlideShare version

Dealing with denialism Climate change



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