Over time, I hope to build my ability to influence the world for the better. I hope the name Decarbonise SA grows in its credibility and weighting through the efforts of us all, and we will see results our children with thank us for.

But the fact is, I will never, ever count for as much as Dr James Hansen.

Hansen is one of the most respected climate scientists in the world. He was on the front foot in raising concerns of climate change with the US Government. His early climate change modelling has proved remarkably accurate, even to the point that he factored in the brief cooling impact of a large volcano, which then happened (Pinatubo). In the course of a stellar career, he has taken great professional risks to continue speaking out about the looming climate catastrophe, and his book Storms of my Grandchildren is on my recommended reading list as a truly excellent discussion of both climate science and solutions to this crisis. On the subject of solutions, Hansen has something to tell you.

I do my best with posts like Renewable Reality Checks with No Nuclear Balance, and the video I made with Barry Brook I’ve done Masters in sustainability and I run a business committed to delivering improvements for climate change and sustainability in business and government. But that hasn’t stopped me from being described as a “psuedo-environmentalist” by those in my fine city who like to pin on the green badge, simply because I promote nuclear. Fine. Attack me. I don’t care. But to those folks, I say click on the link below, take a few minutes to read what Dr James Hansen has to say on the solutions available to us, and think about what type of “environmentalist” you want to be.



  1. Pseudoenvironmentalist? Nuclear front group “ThinkClimate”? Good Lord, we really do have some relics from the seventies out there. Put the tie dye T-shirts and the the flares away guys, the single most important environmental issue in this country today, and the world, is getting the big roll out of nuclear power happening.

    1. Also, did you notice their site is full of weird, unsubstantiated, conspiracies? They’ve got articles entitled “Australian Governments secretive airport radiation scanners” (Secretive? Really?) and from past exposure to this group I’ve found that “nuclear front group” seems to be a label they slap on any commentator or group who questions the anti-nuclear stance, regardless of how verifiably independent they are. Any group which openly displays this kind of pervasive paranoia, just isn’t credible.

  2. Great work on posting this, Ben. It’s easy to get apathetic when you start to understand the magnitude of the job required to replace our current energy structure, and the fantastical solutions proposed by so many who accept the grave problem climate change throws at us. This type of article (as well blogs [movement starters?] like this and Brave New Climate et al.) give some glimmer of hope.


  3. Who cares what they call you,Ben? But I know it’s hard to treat ’em with the contempt they deserve while trying to change their feeble minds.I haven’t the patience for it.

    It’s a situation which is a bit like the one armed paper hanger.Good luck with it all,anyway.

  4. At least Hansen is supporting real solutions to pseudo-problems, rather than the normal pseudo- solutions to real problems.

    Wear the moniker with pride. It’s confirmation you are on the right track.

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