Today’s nuclear power event in Perth hosted by CEDA was a great success. As someone who spends a fair bit of time with my head in the issue, it was just fantastic to have the opportunity to hear from four other excellent speakers in Tony Owen, Haydon Manning, Paul Hardisty and Andy Lloyd. This diverse group of speakers worked brilliantly together (quite by accident I should point out), with the issue being examined through five quite distinct lenses, each drawing the same fundamental conclusion: Australia absolutely must engage in a proper debate and consideration of nuclear power for our energy future. I learned something new from all my fellow panellists today. My presentation representing ThinkClimate and Decarbonise SA appeared to go over very well, and certainly added some original perspectives and arguments to the day’s events.

CEDA have my absolute compliments. They are leveraging their independence effectively to bring much needed oxygen to this controversial issue. I am confident that today will not be the last we see on the issue, and indeed it is set for a repeat in Adelaide in November.

My thanks also go to Toro Resources, who came to the rescue of this small business person and unpaid blogging activist, and did not hesitate to meet my request for some personal sponsorship for today’s event. Thanks Toro.

I look forward to a more detailed wrap up of the day in a longer post soon.

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