No doubt you can read all about the fact that Richard Muller and the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) Project, in attempting to debunk established temperature trends, has only reinforced them (despite sincere expectations of other results). But Greenman makes it so darn fun!



  1. It’s a strange one, that’s for sure. Muller seemed shocked, almost ashamed by the results of his project. He was obviously utterly convinced climate change wasn’t happening, he seemed very cocky in his pronoucments on this point before undertaking the project. His naiviety is astounding. He really must have believed it was just one big conspiracy.

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing isn’t it? But at least the scientist in him is winning the fight now and one has to give him credit there. Unlike a lot of the observers (e.g. Anthony Watts) who then, as usual, claw around for reasons why this individual and his work should not be taken seriously after all.

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