Thanks to subscriber Andrew Starcevic for pointing me in the direction of this Philip Adams interview with George Monbiot, one of the people who gets it. Monbiot puts in a (typically) strong showing, and hits a lot of the key points of the impregnable case for the role of nuclear power in managing climate change, as well as doing some succinct debunking of the outlandish death toll from Chernobyl touted by Helen Caldicott (among others). It’s only 7 mins and very enjoyable.

If you like what you hear from Monbiot, don’t miss the debate he had with Greenpeace, and my review done in two parts. Here’s the link to part 1, which has a link to the videoed debate itself. Here’s a link to part 2


Here’s the radio interview.

Interview with George Monbiot





    1. “Can we call it a movement?”

      I love that you have asked that question.

      I think it is seriously getting there, and I expect, am in fact growing increasingly confident of, critical mass in the next two years. Well done for being on board early. From memory, you beat me to it…

  1. I think I recall ‘confessing’ to you that I was a secret nuclear supporter. You remained silent or non-committal at the time.

    it’s all Barry Brook’s fault.

    1. Heh heh…that rings a bell. I was probably grinding through the pain of transition at the time.

      Barry has a lot to answer for and behind Barry, Tom Blees has a lot to answer for.

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