I am exceedingly pleased to announce that as I write, the presentation that was the birth of Decarbonise SA back on March 8th 2011 is being uploaded to YouTube, thanks to the able assistance of subscriber Marty Jane (I think I now owe Marty beers rather than just recognition, but it’s a start).

This was the second time I ever spoke publicly in support of nuclear power. On the first occasion it was to an audience of five. It counts, because it led directly to this one, but you can appreciate what I mean when I say this was the one that started it all. The audience was about 45 in number and a very diverse group. Barry Brook was my co-speaker and the event was sponsored by the Technology Industry Association.

I put my heart and soul, and a great deal of preparation, into this presentation. I really wanted to land it, and the response suggests that indeed I did. In fact, it led to the creation of DSA because of the degree of energy I created. With the enthusiastic response from many in the audience, some emailing me before I had even left the building, I had nowhere to point them, nothing to give them to take away, and no way to catch and hold that energy.

Almost straight away the name Decarbonise SA popped into my head, but I put my head back into my business and slumped into a mini-depression with the presentation now being over. It took a month or so for me to rouse myself from this funk, buy my WordPress site and write my opening post. Barry told me he thought the concept had real merit, and committed to a cross post to BNC. Just like that, it was off.

7 months and nearly 19,000 clicks later, DSA has carved out a place of value in an important discussion. This presentation and variants of it has since been presented to everything from a Catholic men’s group in my Dad’s lounge room to the closing address of the Local Government Association State Conference, with more presentations in the pipeline. It feels like tough going sometimes, but I am quietly confident that when nuclear power happens for Australian, it will happen big and happen fast. It will happen sooner if we just keep the pressure building.

So, enjoy this little trip back to the beginning.The video is in several parts to account for it being quite a long presentation. Here are Parts 1-3. Thank you for the ongoing support of my subscribers and readers. We are making a difference.

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