“Please, please, get in touch with me and request the form letter and send it to your local member anyway. Because behind the scenes I promise you, it does matter.”

Many of you will have recently read about the political reality of energy politics in South Australia. With any luck, you will have taken away the message that while this type of bollocks leadership is inexcusable, so is maintaining a position of assumed powerlessness in the face of it. We need to expect more, and make those expectations known.

Then along came the recent sobering post from Brave New Climate. 

Guys, I would love to wait until I have a small army behind me, but we can’t.

I’m going to keep touring, keep speaking, keep writing and keep presenting. I have committed to some face time with local supporters next year to develop a stronger program of action. But it is time I facilitated some broader communication to our political leaders, with the good old fashioned “Letter to MP”. I have prepared a form letter which you can get from me, modify to you liking and send.

Please, please, expect nothing but more bollocks from them. They have to reply with party line, and tell you what a wonderful job they are doing already (which, for those with Labor MPs will include the words “carbon price” and “Clean Energy Future” several times, and those with Liberal MPs… sorry, I’m a bit stuck there, but you get my point). Please, please, get in touch with me and request the form letter and send it to your local member anyway. Because behind the scenes I promise you, it does matter.

I know it’s not much, but let’s do it. I’ll let you know how the Mannum presentation tomorrow night goes



    1. Good ideas. I’ll do that, everyone else can too. Combet attended my presentation to the State Local Government Association conference back in March. From what I observed while speaking I suspect he liked what he heard.

  1. The ALP in SA cannot maintain their half-pregnant policy of opposing nuclear power and supporting uranium mining. If the Olympic Dam expansion is SA’s big white hope then they’ll need a new power supply otherwise nothing happens. On top of failed promises the next El Nino won’t help with less water able to be drawn from the Murray, the Pt Stanvac desal cranked to the max and lacklustre performance by wind power. Throw in some steep gas price rises and the politics could change suddenly. By 2013 I suspect carbon tax will have achieved little while a Federal election looms. Combet may come out of the closet as a nukularist all along.

  2. I got a decent bit of engagement from a greens staffer a year or two back, when I sent a long and polite email regarding nuclear power. I didn’t change their mind, but I think I made them consider it.

    FYI everyone, an email is equivalent to a letter, at least in the Victorian P.S. Save on postage and having to go to the PO.

    But, here’s a tip, don’t write or email to Ministers (in their substantive role). It will get flicked to the department and regurgitated crap will come back. Write to backbenchers, who don’t have an army of bureaucrats to assist, or write to the electoral office of the Minister, though this doesn’t really work unless they’re your representative..

    Ben, you could put your letter up as an open access google doc.

    1. Would it also be a good idea to have an open access google spreadsheet for each person that each of us could send a letter to? On GetUp! they often have a web form where you type in your name, suburb, etc, and it automatically forwards an email on your behalf to relevant people. I have no idea how this could be implemented here although something for the suggestion box! 🙂

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