It was my pleasure to be the guest speaker for the Somerton Park Probus Club this morning, to an attentive audience of around 40 people. Learning from the Mid Murray LAP presentation, today I delivered a shorter presentation with more time for questions, and also a little more focus on the climate crisis. I think this format worked really well.

I had a number of excellent questions on comparative cost, resource availability and the very common “Why is this so hard?”. The audience were particularly interested to understand the extraordinary implications of Generation IV nuclear , particularly the IFR design, which was the main subject of my recent article at The Conversation (which, just quietly, is now at over 200 comments, 75 Likes and 44 Tweets. A personal best!)

Some of the conversation afterward covered the challenge of how to get the message out more and make a bigger mainstream splash. For a few reasons I am optimistic that 2012 is going to provide some opportunities to do this. More on that as it happens.

My sincere thanks to Ned Clymer for organising my visit, Bruce Jacobsen for recommending me (Bruce saw Barry and I present way back in March of this year) and to the members of the club for their kind attention.


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