I had a really good session this week with the Engineers Australia SA Branch, with much thanks to Tom Bammann for the invitation and set-up. Another Australian branch is exploring having me over to present, I hope they do so.

Questions were challenging and insightful, and I feel everyone got a lot out of the evening. It was a really pleasure to have Tony Hooker in the audience to offer high highly qualified insights as an Australian nuclear professional. It was equally a pleasure to join a couple of audience members afterwards for some really tough and deep discussions about what might be done to further the acceptance of nuclear in Australia as a key means to tackle climate change. I’m looking forward to these valuable new contacts attending our local DSA meetings.

A few pictures from the evening for you, thanks again to Tom.

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  1. A technical question for the engineers might be…has SA overshot the 20% sweet spot for wind penetration? That is power prices are higher than they could be. The 20% rule (e.g. Imhaber et al) is usually applied to emissions not cost. I wonder if in the case of no hydro, low carbon taxes and expensive gas then 30% might be the least cost mix, then 40% and so on as gas gets dearer. At some point nuclear has to enter the least cost mix..

  2. I really did enjoy the excellent and professional presentation at the Engineers Australia SA Branch.
    My question would have been: Because nuclear power has been demonised by a large part of the environmental movement for the past 40 years and it will take therefore a huge effort to re-educate the normal citizen’s to being able to identify fact from fiction. Considering that we need to act now in a decisive manner globally, would it be politically not easier to get a more rapid action by promotion Thorium reactors as it could be argued that none of the concerns related to the old style generation two nuclear reactors have any relevance to Thorium?
    Naturally, I realise that we can build generation three type reactors now and that thorium reactors might need a bit more work.
    In regards to wind and solar, my personal view is that these technologies are an incredible waste of money and resources.

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