I’m grateful to Robert Wilson for this simple, incisive post examining a decidedly strange policy direction from France. Read more from Robert at roberwilson190.wordpress.com

Carbon Counter

The current French government supposedly have plans to go from 75% to 50% nuclear by 2025. The fact that the reduction is 25% should instantly raise a skeptical eyebrow. Such things are almost always driven by politics, and not solid economics (a fine example is the EU’s 2020 target of 20% renewables, 20% emissions cuts, and 20% energy efficiency all by 2020, well pilloried by Dieter Helm in The Carbon Crunch.)

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  1. Mon Dieu! Quelle dommage!
    That’s what happens when you privatize nuclear. It happened in Britain. The EU energy companies, a.k.a. polluters, found that because construction of the Electricite de France nukes was funded by money at the sort of interest rates the French government could receive, the cost of construction was low enough that they couldn’t compete with the price per kWh. The EU bullied France into selling it off as EDF Inc. or something. Nevertheless, the privatised company British Energy is now a subsidiary of EDF.
    Merci bien, Maggie Thatcher.
    Oh, also, the biggest and most innovative pumped storage electrical plant in Europe, at Dinorwig in Wales, on which my brother worked as Chief Biologist, now seems to be the property of Mitsui in Japan. Their website doesn’t mention that the innovation was government-inspired and owned.

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