Once again Carbon Counter has been quick of the mark with the recent release of the WHO report from Fukushima. We suffer from this type of thing quite a bit, especially from sections of our ABC. It’s great to see The Guardian being called out. We all deserve better.

Carbon Counter

The World Health Organisation has released a preliminary report into the health impacts of Fukushima. The main conclusion of the report was that there may be a small increase in cancer in the region around Fukushima. In general media headlines did a reasonable job reflecting this, with words such as “slight,” “little” and “small”appearing in most of them, as a google news search shows:


A noteable exception however was The Guardian, which choose something rather more alarming:


“Cancer risk 70% higher for females in Fukushima area, says WHO.” A quick look at the text shows that the 70% refers to female infants, and thyroid cancers. Now, it should be clear to anyone that infants are a subset of women and thyroid cancer is a subset of cancer. I sent a short tweet to The Guardian’s environment team and their environment web editor Adam Vaughan to see if I…

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  1. 100% of the earth population will die after receiving all sort of irradiations during it’s lifespan

    If that statement is wrong I’ll retract it.

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