My heartfelt thanks to all supporters who made this launch, and these videos, possible. It has taken some time to get them up. Please forgive me, as 2013 ticked into being I needed to put a lot of focus back on ThinkClimate Consulting. But here are the first two videos of my presentation. Still to come is a highlights video of the presentation from Doug Boreham and our fantastic panel discussion.

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  1. The complexity of the issues may more than the casual viewer can handle. I wonder if the conclusions could have been stated upfront and returned to as the presentation progresses. What may also help are simulated graphs of the combined output of CST and wind showing periods of curtailment or shortfall, the horizontal bar being set at 740 MW if that is the objective.

    It’s also not clear whether NP is advocated at or near Pt Augusta and if Candu is the preferred model. I note in WNA news that Candus are another option with MOX and the Prism for the UK’s 120t plutonium stockpile. Elsewhere I note steam pipe problems with Candus in Ontario.

    I doubt SA would seriously consider CST at this stage. My hunch is that they will go for more wind power (which the public seems to like) and appeal to the Feds for gas price intervention.

    1. Like the idea of the graphs.

      We are not proposing a site in any respect, beyond the case study being specific to the Pt Augusta power station replacement i.e. presumably somewhere in SA to do the job adequately.

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