Critics and reviewers have called it “a documentary that fundamentally changes the way you think” and “the most important movie about the environment since ‘An Inconvenient Truth'”.

But, at time of writing, Pandora’s Promise is without Australian distribution.

Australia, my home. Highest per capita greenhouse emissions of the developed world. Nearly double the global average use of coal for electricity. Largest proportional exporter of coal in the world. An arbitrary prohibition on nuclear power.

This is a film Australia needs to see.

Please, share the trailer either through this post or directly from YouTube. Like the Facebook page and call for a local release. Australian distributors need to hear that Australians want to see this movie.

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  1. I am not sure of the mechanisms involved. I would just love to see it distributed via bit torrent but that would be a bit soul destroying for the investors. I wrote to a guy involved with channel 31 who moves in those circles.

    I will see what else suggests itself.

      1. I used to hang around with the Indi film / community TV crowd and I would love to see it shown to that demographic. Plus I really want to see it myself !

  2. This may not be the right thread but now ‘our’ ABC has gotten on the renewables bandwagon, invoking the dying wishes of the late Pt Augusta mayor

    The clip is a must-see.. However there are some inconvenient facts
    1) SA appears to have clearly the highest retail electricity prices on the NEM
    2) gas which generates 44% of SA power will feel the effect of LNG export competition when Moomba gas heads in the other direction to Qld next year
    3) the subsidy cutbacks in the budget are minor compared to the billions in the ongoing RET and LGC subsidy system.

    With few exceptions the media evidently now sees the renewables campaign as a moral issue. Taxpayer dollars at work. Robert Stone and Brian Eno are going against the flow for the media industry.

    1. It’s a bit quizzical for those somewhat in the know. This concept/idea, which is all it is, has no proponent, no funding, no investors etc… there is no project to speak of.

      And yes, the moral high ground belongs exclusively to renewables at ABC. Oh well.

  3. A follow up thought on the late Joy Baluch, mayor of Pt Augusta. She was of course passionate about replacing jobs for those who worked at the Playford and Northern power stations and Leigh Ck coal mine. Ignoring coke ovens I believe they were the westernmost large thermal plant on the NEM. Pt Augusta is a natural point of convergence between the east and west ‘halves’ of Australia. However that doesn’t make solar thermal ‘baseload’ an economically sound idea.

    I believe the west and north of SA should get major generation capacity to expand mines and aquaculture. There should also be moderate cost desalination of water for those industries and towns and perhaps support hydroponic growing. Long term the NEM could link via HVDC to Perth. The obvious technology is nuclear especially given that uranium mining is one of those industries needing more water and power.

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