So, after 7 hours of sleep in a quiet hotel for this father of two wakeful kids had rushed past, my alarm went off for day one of the conference. I had barely silenced it when the phone rang. A friendly producer from 3AW was telling me that I was quoted in The Australian, and that the show wants to talk about how nuclear power can save us money. Would I be ready in 45 mins?

The answer to such questions is always yes…Now, what they mainly wanted to discuss was work by Martin Nicholson, but our media releases had both been drawn upon for this article and I got the call. Fortunately I am a big fan of Martin’s work, so I had read his excellent paper and knew what it was about. (How nuclear power would impact the Australian economy – Full Paper)

Martin Nicholson. Typically the smartest guy in the room.

What ensued was a rather enjoyable dance with the morning radio hosts, in which I think some great information went out. Enjoy!

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  1. Very nice. Clear, concise, to the point. Didn’t shy from the history. Well Done.

    Although I would have like to have heard the feedback…

  2. I doubt the serious purchase of overseas offsets (by the government) would happen even if Rudd sneaks in. Money for nothing as the song says. Even the private purchase of offsets was limited to 6.2% in last week’s hastily cobbled ETS changes. Re enrichment I think a quick build SMR with packaged fuel should arrive first. Let the public suck on it then build CANDUs.

    I need to read the Martin Nicholson paper a few times to digest it. My take away message is this; the Australian economy ultimately needs 25 GW of power which is dispatchable, very low carbon and price stable. The evidence suggests wind and solar cannot provide that. So what are the alternatives?

  3. I like how you pitched it, I almost heard your brain clicking as you dumbed it down and added the bonhomie that the interviewer was asking for. Rather than a drier, more fact heavy ABC interview.

    1. Heh… the charisma of those guys (if that can be used as a neutral adjective) is quite overwhelming, you have to get on board. Glad it came across well. I did Leon Byner in Adelaide on the same day (will try to get the file) and he actually slowed things down for a bit of detail. Interesting.

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