Thanks to an international collaboration with the Calgary-based and very talented Andy Jaremko, my recent presentation and slideshow from the ATSE Nuclear Power For Australia? conference has been turned into this professional and highly shareable video. I hope everyone enjoys both the content and the outstanding work Andy has done making this video. It’s a wonderful example of what we can do when we pool our talents. A big shout out to everyone who has been helping out in that way, recently and previously. These are the actions that are making pro-nuclear environmentalism a movement to be reckoned with.

On that note, ticket sales for Pandora’s Promise continue. Click the buttons to the right for sales in your capital city. Adelaide and Melbourne, I’ll see you there.

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  1. The public should ask if their politicians are anchored in reality. SA energy minister Koutsantonis tried to dispute the SA retail power price increase of 18.7% from 1/7/12 to 16/8/13
    The spot price for gas in SA is nudging $5/GJ and is expected to increase to $8 late next year when Cooper Basin gas gets sent to north Asia as LNG. Gas fired generation accounts for 45% of SA’s electricity despite having more wind power than other states. The gas price increase could add say 15% to SA power bills taking the rise since July 2012 to ~33%. If Abbott pulls the pin on Holden things will be grim.

    You’d almost think SA should revive both its economy and clean energy credentials by embracing the nuclear fuel cycle (once supported by Koutsantonis) including nuclear power for an expanded Olympic Dam.

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