Here is an outtake clip from Pandora’s Promise. Tickets for the Australian tour are on sale now! See the buttons to the left, or visit Antidote Films for links to ticket sales. I look forward to seeing many of you at the Melbourne and Adelaide screenings. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Here’s hoping it lives up to its reputation – my wife and I are up for about 400km by road, a couple of cabs and a motel to see the Sydney showing.

    At this stage we will have three or four friends with us.

  2. Anti-nuke diehard Scott Ludlam has lost his Senate seat to be replaced by a Palmer United Party candidate. Whether this is all a quirk of the convoluted voting system or a true reflection of public support is debatable. With three PUPs in parliament carbon tax looks like history. Palmer himself wanted everybody to get a cash refund for the carbon tax they paid. $13 bn?

    The problem is that even fewer of our elected leaders now think there is anything wrong with coal. There may be a conflict of interest Berlusconi style if Palmer is elected and he wants to develop the Galilee Basin. A faint hope is that Palmer has an epiphany and realises coal is not the future. Perhaps someone should send him the Pandora’s Promise DVD.

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