172-ROUND_BrianC_2013Please enjoy this radio interview from 26 November 2013 with Brian Carlton. Considering this was Sydney radio at drive, Brian and producers gave me a very long slot for which I am grateful and impressed. Listen, enjoy, a few of my reflections come afterwards.

What I liked, respected and appreciated about Brian and his approach (beyond the fact that he seems far better informed than average in media) is that I suspect he is less concerned about the messages from climate science than I am… but far too intelligent to pretend it isn’t real. He also represents the pragmatic point of view that something will be done about this whether we believe it or not, so we oughta make sure we do the smart thing. I believe, based on this interaction, that Brian Carlton is sincere.

I also believe there is a substantial body of Australians who fit this approximate mould. We all share this democracy and we have to get along and make good decisions together. In my experience to date, serious and altogether reasonable doubts about the solutions we are being sold are often masked in the high volume ugliness and stupidity of the denial of climate change science itself. The pragmatic, promethean environmentalists who present the face of both climate urgency, and embrace of a high energy future with nuclear, provide a critical bridge in the politics of climate change and energy.

I think, politically and environmentally speaking, Brian Carlton might sit just a little on the other side than me. What matters though is that he seems prepared to meet me in the middle.

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  1. Just got uninterrupted sound via satellite. Sydney’s Carlton joins Byner in Adelaide as radio hosts sympathetic to nuclear. I believe it was radio that incited the busloads who flocked to the anti carbon tax rallies in Canberra. Meanwhile media darling Tim Flannery now says PV not geothermal will save us from coal. Maybe he’ll move on from that in a year or two.

    I suspect that Direct Action will be a cockup. That combined with gas price woes and weather dramas should move things along.

  2. Good interview – interesting notion that the Greens could provide cover. Can’t see it happening though. Might be worth getting in contact with Bob Day and David Leyonhelm though, as my understanding is they are likely to be open to the nuclear option.

    I still think Direct Action could include Nuclear.

    1. If and when the amendments to the ARPANS Act and EPBC Act are done to allow Nuclear to be considered. Although I think it may be a bigger task than just repealing the relevant sections.

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