1. This video is light years ahead of the last Australian made pro nuclear clip I saw. I hope it gets widely seen by those with an open mind.

  2. Folks (& Ben) the “Creative Commons” flag on this video is enabled. So if you look at it on the YouTube page, you’ll see a [Remix this video!] button. That allows YOU to not just share the current edit, but also copy the entire video across to your own YouTube channel.

    The video can then be given a new title. A new description. You can truncate it. You can combine it with other videos. (I’d recommend using Google Chrome browser for any editing activities but any browser can copy it across to your own channel.)

    Point being… Ben and myself only have a single opportunity to title this video in a way people might search and find it. A very different title, on your own YouTube account, may help people find it when they’re searching for something else. Maybe “Australian Nuclear Waste” for example.

    Your sharing and propagation of this video is very much appreciated. But if you also have time to be creative and think up a new name for it, well then please copy it and give it that name!

    I’ve released quite a few videos about nuclear power. The most popular copies of my videos are ones not even hosted on my own channel (millions of views). So YOUR imagination and creativity can really make a difference.

  3. May I (quietly) say that one aspect I very much applaud in Ben’s presentation is what I might term its ‘frontfootedness’. For too long, I have found, putting the case for nuclear power generation with otherwise middle of the road people evokes a feeling that one is mounting an outrageous argument. Almost always, I find, such reasonable people are entirely confident in their misinformation, incorrect information or unshakeable dogmatic resistance. Oh, and mental images of mushroom clouds. I think it was Charles Darwin who said, “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge”.

    Methinks a little well applied firmness can be appropriate is such discussions.

    Because every extra day that there is ignorance of the science and the urgency of the (climate) situation, more CO2 enters the atmosphere.

    1. Fully agree.

      I decided years ago that anti-nuke ‘greens’ are in need of shock treatment to get them to question their own obtuse dogmatism. That is why I started telling them things intended to undermine their core beliefs, hopefully to trigger the same rabid desire for deep understanding of the issue which liberated me from my own ignorance years ago. Such liberation is initially painful and disorienting due to the cognitive dissonance which must be resolved, which is presumably why most people resist going down such a path. This is why I believe that nuclear advocates have a duty to use communications content and techniques that are even more painful and disorienting for the anti-nuke to consider.

      To save a horse from burning to death in a barn that is on fire, it is sometimes necessary to whip it into action. So it also goes when attempting to move hardened anti-nuclear ideologues, in my opinion. Below is a sample of things one can say which are likely – in my opinion – of triggering lively debate and a healthy questioning attitude.

      “Anti-nuclearism is the fundamental cause of fossil fuel addiction, resource wars, air pollution and climate change.”

      “Anti-nuclearism will be to the 21st century what anti-antisemitism was to the 20th century: A root cause and vehicle of wholesale, tragic destruction, death and waste.”

      “Practically every argument against nuclear power turns out to be a dirty lie on closer examination, or a half-truth at best.”

      “Anti-nuclearism is a symptom of the failure of our intellectual elite in decades past to effectively resist the onslaught of post-modernist anti-science ideology.”

      “Anti-nuclearism is not environmentalism. It is a selfish, elitist and violent ideology representing a direct threat to humanity and the environment today and tomorrow.”

      “Nuclear power is the only energy technology ever devised which completely manages and contains it’s waste stream. No other energy technology does this or could plausibly do this.”

      “Nuclear power consumes specific, inexhaustible and omnipresent raw materials – namely uranium or thorium – which have no other human or ecological function. Therefore, nuclear power is the only energy technology known to man which does not in some way necessarily degrade or consume our natural environment.”

      “Nuclear power stations can last 100 years or more because they do not depend on corrosive chemical conversions, which means that a nuclear plant built today will serve not only our present needs, but also the needs of the next two generations or more. It is therefore the only energy technology which truly protects and supports the interests of future generations. No other energy technology comes close.”

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