Back in 2012, Barry Brook and I wrote a series of 6 accessible articles, with some great images, on various aspects of nuclear energy and how South Australia might benefit from the nuclear fuel cycle.

In light of the recent announcement of the Royal Commission, I am republishing the PDF here.

Nuclear_21C_for_Beginners_SACOM papers

It’s a great resource so please share!


  1. The West needs to wake up about the Good Green Reactor: The Molten Salt Reactor and start a crash program. The United States is about to be left in the dust of China who is walking away with our Oak Ridge National Labs design for the Molten Salt Reactor (MSR). The anti-nuclear lobby has blinded policy makers on the importance of Green Nuclear. Some talking points for a discussion I would like you to have with us at the conference:
    • Scientists Open letter to Environmentalists on Nuclear:
    • Google after $2+ Billion invested in renewables realizes green energy won’t save the planet.
    • Germany’s Green Energy Failure; they shut down CO2 clean nuclear plants and are forced to build Coal powered plants
    • Green Energy is industrializing nature due to its being 1/5,000,000 less energy dense than nuclear
    • Nuclear has the lowest death rate of all energy sources
    • Green Energy’s waste stream of Rare Earth Elements (REE) tosses away enough of the super fuel Thorium yearly that can power the entire planet using Molten Salt Reactors (MSR). Imagine powering the World by recycling Green Waste?
    • For the cost of the California High Speed Rail and the Delta Tunnel project; CA can have unlimited emission free energy and unlimited desalinated water & fast commuter rail.
    • China is on a $1+ Billion crash program developing our ORNL MSR design in ten years.
    • Silicon Valley needs to invest in US research and politically tackle the Thorium Problem that forces REE processing and sourcing to China giving it an artificial 94% monopoly on Vital Strategic, Industrial materials and Wholesale Industries relocation to China.

    • The Good Green Reactor:
    o MSRs can’t blow up, melt down, are walk away safe and aren’t useful for bombs.
    o MSRs will be cheap to build, they are low pressure, don’t use water, no need to build $Billion+ Pressure domes and are a massive thermal energy source.
    o MSRs are so inherently safe they can be placed close to where the power is needed making our infrastructure more robust and less susceptible to EMP attacks to major storms and earthquakes
    o MSRs are 200 times more efficient than PWRs
    o MSRs can use the current nuclear fleet’s waste and solve this long term issue

  2. I wonder if it is muddying the waters talking about 4th generation reactors for SA. Adolescents don’t normally get sports cars for their first vehicle. I understand the material returning from France has been vitrified and is unusable. My thinking is an EC6 for the Adelaide region and a NuScale for west coast mining and desalination. The NuScale would require US prepared fuel and I understand the EC6 needs to be primed with highly fissile material before it can take natural uranium or thorium. Also $2bn of heavy water. If/when SA becomes a nuclear centre then MSRs, IFRs could be considered perhaps linking up with the now isolated WA grid.

    Note how uranium mining is creeping the NEM grid slowly westwards. Olympic Dam was on diesel then they linked to the NEM at Pt Augusta then built a connector to Prominent Hill. Now the proposed Carrapateena mine wants to link to that and is looking for more power and water.

  3. I think it will be pissweak if the result off the RC is that SA merely takes the 11 tonnes of ex-Lucas Heights material returning from France. No actual nuclear fuel ‘cycle’. For the $12m fee that was to be paid to Muckaty I’ll store that material in my garage. On the principle of ‘first in best dressed’ the job should go to Gilnockie Station NT once Muckaty rejected the offer.

    I hope the VIPs convening this commission think about the need to create thousands of jobs in SA, the need to displace coal fired electricity for Australia as a whole and to stabilise future energy costs. I fear it’s all going to turn into a mates club with no real economic consequences.

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