In this Sky AM interview with Mark Butler, federal Labor Member for Port Adelaide, we see that the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission has been backed by Federal Labor. If this is the “right process” enacted by a Government from the same party, a “proper enquiry” headed by an “eminent South Australian”, and this is the view of party leader Bill Shorten, it will be nigh-on impossible for Federal Labor to reject supportive findings taken to a national level at a later time. We now have bi-partisan support at a state and federal government level for the coming enquiry. That’s twelve months of evidence-based investigation free from political conflict. With the


  1. I think there may be a wind shift in ALP thinking. At one time it was fashionable to be antinuke but I think other factors may gradually prevail. One is Abbott’s liking for coal. Another is the general repugnance of coal port dredging on the reef, open cut mines creating noise dust and lowered water tables for nearby horse farms and also uninvited CSG drilling on prime farmland. People may have noticed the Fukushima radiation death toll wasn’t what the shrill voices predicted. Eminence grise Bob Hawke likes nuclear as do other stalwarts like Bob Carr.

    BTW there is an irony in Wiluna WA yellowcake going to Pt Adelaide SA. Between those two locations mildly radioactive zircon sand (1-20 kBq/kg) is shipped out. Pics here.

    1. Speaking of coal: something that may have a few people reassessing nuclear is the 37km long Adani coal mine moving a step closer to development today (front page news in Qld). The company claims it has spent over 1 billion dollars so far and is very committed. Public support in tight economic times also seems strong. This is undoubtedly going to turn into a huge and divisive environmental issue in Australia. Abbotts Point dredging on the GBR is also a prerequisite for this mine.

        1. A point I’ve made in other forums is that when people say they support renewable energy presumably through federal government policies perhaps what they really mean is they want to keep getting generous solar feed-in tariffs indefinitely, a policy of state governments. Some I believe will drop from 44c per kwh to 6c in 2019. It is also most odd that when carbon tax was repealed the official price was $25.40 per tCO2 yet the main consultants report to the RET Review concluded that cost of CO2 avoided was $59/t. That is for the 6% or so of our electricity that is REC subsidy eligible. The public is going to need time to absorb this,

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