A few weeks ago I spoke at an event for SACOME along with Ian Hoare-Lacey (WNA) and Dr Tim Stone, visiting Professor from University College London. I gave my overview with regard to where in the nuclear fuel cycle, and why, there may be opportunities for South Australia.

I look forward to expanding, with greater confidence, on some of the themes raised in this presentation as the year progresses and further work is completed. My presentation is below, followed by Ian’s and Tim’s and then our joint Q&A.


  1. My glacially slow internet connection (satellite) has only enabled me to complete the Hoare-Lacey talk so far. Noteworthy points… SA needn’t bother with enrichment for another 20 years, large capacity build will need better connections for interstate power exports and unflattering cost comparisons with coal will need carbon penalties in place.

    A question I’d ask is …what happens if there is a gap of many years between the Commission’s presumably favourable report in May 2016 and the preferred technology becoming available?

  2. Low graphics content helps at 26 kb/s. The Tim Stone main message seems to be to keep the public engaged. Perhaps that also means ‘don’t frighten the horses’. My interpretation being to ease up on talk of higher actinide filled mine tunnels at this early stage. 25,000 UK construction jobs resonates well.

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