Next week I will be the guest speaker at Adelaide Sustainability Drinks.

Wednesday 18 November 2015, from 6 pm, Kings Head Hotel, Adelaide.

After 14 years of involvement, study, work and outreach in sustainability, I will be reflecting on how my perspectives have altered from then to now, with particular reference to my changed understanding of both human population and nuclear energy. I will describe what I think sustainability needs to mean for the challenges of the 21st century in what I hope will be a thought provoking presentation. Entry is free.


  1. Ben – that sounds wonderful and I wish I could be there. I hope there will be video.

    I’m trying not to use the word ‘sustainable’ which I think has been so overused that it’s now meaningless. (Hey, that would be a good topic for a speech for one of my Toastmasters meetings – and it could even be a humorous speech.) I’d love to hear your take on the word and its uses and abuses.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. As more and more of our high grade resources are consumed, we will, as a human civilisation, need more and more energy to extract the rest (or recycle). The Adelaide desalination plant is an apt microcosm of this – we have as much water as we want, but at a significant energy penalty. Another example is the current oil shale production glut – lots of oil, but it takes a lot of energy to extract. Ultimately we will have to turn to energy sources that have low resource inputs, it’s really just a question of when. And that will probably be when we can’t afford to keep subsidising others.

  3. Ben

    Have a great evening and be sure to tell the audience that the electricity to be used by the 40,000 delegates to COP21 has emissions of just 40g/kWh which is more than 20 times less than India or Australia and more than 10 times less than Denmark, Germany, China, USA, UK, Korea, Japan or Russia.

    (scroll to bottom of page, they seem to be ashamed of this amazing achievement as it is hidden below the wind and solar electricity production)

    This should be the “good news” story from the COP21 conference and be headline news around the world. It makes the French government’s decision to announce the change from nuclear to renewables even more strange.

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