Hi there! We hope you have enjoyed watching the beginning of Bright New World!

We have had an immediate and major impact on one of the most important environmental fronts in the world right now: the prospect for international cooperation in managing used nuclear fuel to be based in South Australia.

We arrived publicly in mid-November as support for moving forward on this was precariously poised. Together with other stakeholders we immediately activated support in the community and media and played a clear role in preserving a way forward for these discussions.

Bright New World presented a compelling case for “why” at the international Waste Management Symposia in Adelaide on 15 November and the conference report is available for download here.

We had our first community event at Science in the Pub to a nice rowdy crowd of 100 Adelaideans! As one of three speakers with the “controversial” topic, I took plenty of fire, and then was swamped with interest right afterward!

Then in December, Bright New World coordinated an open letter signed by high-impact South Australians, calling for sensible consideration of the nuclear opportunity to continue. In just nine days from concept to publication in South Australia’s highest circulation newspaper, twenty-two of some of the best known names in South Australian business, science, academia and politics joined our call. But even better… since then it has grown to 31, as more and more of South Australia’s biggest contributors embrace the opportunity to support a sensible path forward. You can read the open letter and the full list of signatories at our home page. The letter is doing its job, and you have not heard the last of it.

Today, I was interviewed on 5AA radio about our organisation, how we view the state of play currently, why we think we should proceed, and what we will be doing about it next. You can here the interview here!

In little more than a month, we have a burgeoning community of financial members and supporters! If you enjoy our newsletter and believe in what we do, we have made it super-easy to join the effort! Our “Spark” supporter subscription is just $5 per month. As well as a little financial support, when we get a new supporter you lend us your name and your voice and we know we are one person stronger! You can sign up here!

We have been inspired by the hard work and success of our friends in other nations. We know that 2017 is going to be an amazing and exciting year. You can know that Bright New World will be working smarter and harder at every turn to deliver the outcomes we know we need for the world and its people.

On behalf of myself and the board of Bright New World, we wish everyone a restful and peaceful holiday period and a great start to the new year. See you in 2017!


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