2012_Low ResHello, I’m glad you are visiting this blog, formerly known as Decarbonise SA.

You can find out more about our current work at the new environmental NGO Bright New World! We are building a movement for a better, stronger environmentalism and we would love your support!

As an environmental professional I have delivered and contributed to a number of major environmental initiatives in South Australia for government, private and not-for profit clients, through a business called ThinkClimate Consulting.

My appreciation of the climate crisis forced an evidence-based rethink of my long-held opposition to nuclear power. In early 2011 I delivered a presentation Nuclear Power: From Opponent to Proponent to a strong response. I have since become a prominent analyst and commentator on matters of nuclear technology.

Through a process of research spanning several years, I have developed a high level of generalist knowledge of matters pertaining to nuclear technology including economics of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle developments, advanced reactor and recycling technologies, proliferation, and radiation. Much of this iterative research has been published in in popular print and on-line media including major newspapers. I have developed this knowledge in a framework of environmental sustainability and climate change mitigation which remains a central focus.

I am now undertaking doctoral studies with the University of Adelaide examining pathways for the introduction of nuclear power, and in particular advanced nuclear energy systems, into Australia’s electricity market. I have delivered units covering climate science, climate adaptation, energy assessment and global sustainability challenges through several units of the Master of Sustainability at the University of Adelaide.

I work locally, nationally and internationally to promote the fastest and deepest pathways to decarbonising our energy supplies.

My current CV is here. Ben Heard CV March 2016

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