“We should swap coal with nuclear”: Radio interview on 2UE with Brian Carlton

172-ROUND_BrianC_2013Please enjoy this radio interview from 26 November 2013 with Brian Carlton. Considering this was Sydney radio at drive, Brian and producers gave me a very long slot for which I am grateful and impressed. Listen, enjoy, a few of my reflections come afterwards.

What I liked, respected and appreciated about Brian and his approach (beyond the fact that he seems far better informed than average in media) is that I suspect he is less concerned about the messages from climate science than I am… but far too intelligent to pretend it isn’t real. He also represents the pragmatic point of view that something will be done about this whether we believe it or not, so we oughta make sure we do the smart thing. I believe, based on this interaction, that Brian Carlton is sincere.

I also believe there is a substantial body of Australians who fit this approximate mould. We all share this democracy and we have to get along and make good decisions together. In my experience to date, serious and altogether reasonable doubts about the solutions we are being sold are often masked in the high volume ugliness and stupidity of the denial of climate change science itself. The pragmatic, promethean environmentalists who present the face of both climate urgency, and embrace of a high energy future with nuclear, provide a critical bridge in the politics of climate change and energy.

I think, politically and environmentally speaking, Brian Carlton might sit just a little on the other side than me. What matters though is that he seems prepared to meet me in the middle.

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How nuclear saves money and our climate at the same time

In this radio piece with 5AA Adelaide, I was given sufficient space to talk through the nature of the cost savings to be achieved if Australia embraces a nuclear pathway out to 2050. This is based on the great paper published by Martin Nicholson for the ATSE nuclear conference, which I have linked here.

Spending money on new technology… bah, who needs it?

When talking dollar savings, we need to be clear: the “cheapest” thing we can do is nothing. No response, slaves to inertia, continue to exploit our knowledge and path dependency on our fossil fuels system while bolting on incremental renewables.

This will merely cost us our hospitable climate since, as Professor Andy Pitman reminded us last week, we are currently on track to a completely untenable 6°C global average temperature rise by the end of the century.

What Martin’s work tells us is that a deep and rapid response to spiralling greenhouse emissions will be spectacularly cheaper for Australia if nuclear is included, with renewables, to break through to an entirely new system that decouples our well-being from fossil fuel combustion.

Isn’t that what we need?

Prime-time nuclear: telling Melbourne how it is on 3AW

So, after 7 hours of sleep in a quiet hotel for this father of two wakeful kids had rushed past, my alarm went off for day one of the conference. I had barely silenced it when the phone rang. A friendly producer from 3AW was telling me that I was quoted in The Australian, and that the show wants to talk about how nuclear power can save us money. Would I be ready in 45 mins?

Nuclear India? Guest radio spot on Triple J’s Hack

“I think it is much, much better for Australia to be on the inside of this development pathway for India, doing all it can to build the institutional strength required to run a good nuclear sector, putting downward pressure on the greenhouse gas emissions of this global giant, and enhancing regional security through clean development and secure energy supplies.” 

Over breakfast I read about the findings of an internal Indian Government report into the oversight of nuclear facilities.

On The Wire: Radio interviews with Catherine Zengerer

I have my ThinkClimate Consulting hat on here for two interviews for a show called The Wire. The interviews are pre-recorded and cut and they then go out in a kind of news digest on 101.5 FM.

The first was done back in May while the negotiations of the carbon tax design were still under way. Here’s the link.

The second was done last week after the first day of debate in Parliament on the carbon tax bills. Here’s the link.





Atomic Show Podcast with DSA, Atomic Insights and Brave New Climate

I had the genuine pleasure of talking to Rod Adams of the terrifc site Atomic Insights this evening, along with my friend Barry Brook of Brave New Climate, for the purpose of his Rod’s podcasting show. Rod recently came across Decarbonise SA and was kind enough to give the site a great write up, so I was delighted to return some of my time to him today.

Rod Adams of Atomic Insights

Interview from Stan Thomson, ABC South East

Last week I gave this fairly lengthy interview to Stan Thomson of ABC South East in Mt Gambier ahead of my presentation that evening. We took four callers, which was great. Particular thanks to caller Geoff who gave my presentation a huge wrap, and acknowledged that he had now done a full turn around on nuclear. I think those voices are the most potent.

Hitting the airwaves Part II

Here is that ABC News Adelaide interview I gave after presenting to the Local Government Association State Conference. Lot’s of information for a mere 7 minutes of your life. A big thank you to new supporter Ian Mallyon for lending his audio experience to help me get this into an uploadable format. Much appreciated. Enjoy!

Ben Heard interview, ABC News Adelaide

Hitting the airwaves

It seems that having the cojones to remain a proponent of nuclear power in the current climate makes me quite media-worthy. Here are three radio interviews I have done recently. The first was a promotional piece for my March presentation (pre-Fukushima…). If I had to guess I would say Carole is far from convinced, but it was certainly a fair interview and good to take some calls from listeners.

Interview with Caroline Whitelock

The second is about 15 minutes with Stan Thompson on ABC Radio South East. Stan seems fairly open to the idea of nuclear power. I am heading to the south east to visit some clients in a couple of months, and intend to arrange a few presentations while I am there. Hopefully Stan will have me back to talk about it.

Interview with Stan Thompson

The third will be posted shortly. It was conducted immediately following my presentation to the Local Government Conference for ABC Radio National. I’m not sure what of this actually went to air, but I will post the full interview.

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