How can community support for the nuclear option be achieved? The Video

Thanks to an international collaboration with the Calgary-based and very talented Andy Jaremko, my recent presentation and slideshow from the ATSE Nuclear Power For Australia? conference has been turned into this professional and highly shareable video. I hope everyone enjoys both the content and the outstanding work Andy has done making this video. It’s a wonderful example of what we can do when we pool our talents. A big shout out to everyone who has been helping out in that way, recently and previously. These are the actions that are making pro-nuclear environmentalism a movement to be reckoned with.

On that note, ticket sales for Pandora’s Promise continue. Click the buttons to the right for sales in your capital city. Adelaide and Melbourne, I’ll see you there.

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The film Australia needs to see


Critics and reviewers have called it “a documentary that fundamentally changes the way you think” and “the most important movie about the environment since ‘An Inconvenient Truth'”.

But, at time of writing, Pandora’s Promise is without Australian distribution.

Australia, my home. Highest per capita greenhouse emissions of the developed world. Nearly double the global average use of coal for electricity. Largest proportional exporter of coal in the world. An arbitrary prohibition on nuclear power.

This is a film Australia needs to see.

Please, share the trailer either through this post or directly from YouTube. Like the Facebook page and call for a local release. Australian distributors need to hear that Australians want to see this movie.

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When nuclear came to Sydney…and won

Here is the video of the IQ2 debate in Sydney, where the case for nuclear scored a resounding victory.  This is the YouTube link to my opening 9 minutes. For the rest of the speakers, audience questions and rebuttals, go to ABC Big Ideas. Enjoy, and share!

Your Friday Funny Courtesy of Bill Maher

A big hat-tip to Graham Redfearn who set Twitter alight this week with his 10 funniest climate change videos. After much deliberation, my vote finally went to Bill Maher, honourable mention to David Mitchell, and serious recommendation to watch all ten. Have a great weekend! 

Video: The Nuclear Energy Option

Thanks to the Tweating of Rod Adams for bringing this to my attention. It’s a great little video, promoting an upcoming documentary that I look forward to seeing. The similarities between this and my own effort with Barry Brook are quite significant!!! Just for fun I thought I would post them side by side.

Response to video

Ok, I am liking this guy more and more.

Here, he has again done a very clear and simple explanation of the fallacies in this anti-nuclear video (which sadly features Ben Harper. I’m pretty much on board with that guy’s music and overall politics).

Watch out for the rocket powered train colliding with the dry cask for waste storage.

Nuclear and wind: respective drawbacks

Hi everyone,

Here’s a clever little video I just found.

I like this a lot, it is clear and very well explained. Particularly as a nuclear advocate, it is good to see the cost challenges of nuclear laid out in such a simple way, with the distinction between the up front cost and the cost of the actual electricity.

Pretty funny section at the end where he proves to his critic that he is a student, not a lobbyist… Enjoy.

New DSA Videos! Paydirt 2012 Uranium Conference

I spoke at the national conference for the Australian Uranium industry. While I was full of honest support for their product and what it means in fighting climate change, I took the fight up to them on a few important issues too… here is the video.

Fukushima’s long-lived outrage is no nuclear accident

What is the risk from a nuclear power plant melt-down?

If you reach for the well known formula of Risk being the product of Likelihood and Consequence…then you are missing something big. That formula is going to give you some idea of hazard, as in the  potential harm that can be estimated by science.  Risk needs to capture so much more. You need to work out the hazard, then add the outrage.

Outrage is the overall negative human response to an event.  How angry are people? How afraid? How upset? How emotionally charged? How suddenly and unusually ready to blockade, write letters, make signs etc? How prepared to change behaviour, take precautions (make no mistake, outrage has its place)?

The major outcomes of Fukushima have little to do with hazard and everything to do with outrage. Consider:

The presentation that started it all… now on YouTube!!!

I am exceedingly pleased to announce that as I write, the presentation that was the birth of Decarbonise SA back on March 8th 2011 is being uploaded to YouTube, thanks to the able assistance of subscriber Marty Jane (I think I now owe Marty beers rather than just recognition, but it’s a start).

This was the second time I ever spoke publicly in support of nuclear power. On the first occasion it was to an audience of five. It counts, because it led directly to this one, but you can appreciate what I mean when I say this was the one that started it all. The audience was about 45 in number and a very diverse group. Barry Brook was my co-speaker and the event was sponsored by the Technology Industry Association.

I put my heart and soul, and a great deal of preparation, into this presentation.

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