BEST video by Greenman

No doubt you can read all about the fact that Richard Muller and the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) Project, in attempting to debunk established temperature trends, has only reinforced them (despite sincere expectations of other results). But Greenman makes it so darn fun!

Bill Gates on Full Decarbonsation with Nuclear

Subscriber Patrick Greene pointed me towards this TED talk from Bill Gates. It’s a cracker. For starters he, like Decarbonise SA, is clear that half measures are totally inappropriate in the face of climate change. We either decarbonise fully, or we fail. He puts forward an excellent and succinct argument regarding the pressures of population, service consumption and energy efficiency on our total output of greenhouse gas, with an emphasis on the need to alleviate poverty. He then gives a highly pragmatic outline of the potential energy solutions before exploring his preferred: 4th Generation nuclear power. Here is the video, it’s 20 minutes plus questions. I have some criticism to follow.

The Case for Nuclear in 2 ½ minutes: Sustainable Energy Choices Video

How do you get people to open their minds to nuclear power, a subject as vexed, emotional and filled with misinformation as any? How do you accelerate awareness of the only energy source with the potential to restore balance to our climate while serving a growing world?

45 minute presentations like mine are good when you get the opportunity, but the opportunity doesn’t come every day… you need something fast, engaging, enjoyable, and easily passed on.

That was the challenge. Here is the result. I’m proud of this collaboration. If you like it, please make it available through your channels: Facebook, Twitter, email the link, everything.

Some background. A few months ago, while en route to deliver our presentations on nuclear power to the Alternative Technology Association, I mentioned to my friend Barry Brook (Brave New Climate) that I had tentative plans for making a film. Barry replied that he wanted to create a short video with some (well deserved) prize money that he had received for being such an excellent science communicator. He had a film maker in mind, and asked would I like to jump in to the making?

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